Hello Rulers!

We hope you’re alright! We know, it’s been a while! These last months have been nothing short of crazy! Lots of news for the company, but thankfully it was only good news! If you want to know more about the recent news with Nacon, we suggest that you check out our Discord server.

As we stated, Lakeburg Legacies will be our first self-published project, so this is all very exciting for us!

Some news about the general development

Right now, about 6 people are working on the game (+2 handling the CM/PR for the game), and the development is moving forward as intended!

Last week, we were on stream with “Games Made in France”. It was an event celebrating games created in France (yes, there were a lot of baguettes and jambon beurre involved). Manon and Simon had the opportunity to present the very first playable version of the game!

Note: This was a VERY early build of the game. It’s not meant to be released publicly. 😉
Don’t worry, when we have something playable, we’ll tell you more… However, that build was a way to show how the game will play when it’s finished!

Next week, we’ll have something for the “Actu Gaming French Direct”! For players excited about the game, it should be interesting to watch! This will be subbed in English, so it’ll be cool to watch even for non French speakers!

Features that we've been working on

From now on, we’ll try to give you some news about the development of the game more regularly, in terms of features that we’re working on!

The portraits of villagers

As you saw in the trailer, in the game, we play with our villagers, sometimes from the moment they were born until their sad death :’( To show the player the many physical changes that they go through in the course of their lives, we worked on the display system of the portaits. Manon, our art director, made a lot of assets to show your villagers at different stages in their life: baby, child, teenager, adult and old age!

(This didn’t go without a hitch, as at some point, we ended up with characters that aged… very quickly.)

Also, Justine, our game artist intern, created a LOT of clothes, and here are a couple of examples!

The Production Buildings

For those following us on Twitter, you may have seen one of the amazing backgrounds that our artists created for the production buildings! We’re working very hard on them to create a very nice atmopshere for each one of them! (Don’t worry, there are quite a lot we have yet to show!)

The Castle

One of the buildings that we’ve been working on for the last few months is the castle.
Right now, we have a very first playable version of it. It’s not final yet, as it’s not 100% functional (we still need to implement the other tabs in the castle), but it’s finally up and running! ^^

This is a WIP, so it’s subject to change, but we wanted to share a first version 🙂

Basically, it will allow your village to have a Queen or a King. Being King or Queen is a very special job. Unlike all the other jobs in your kingdom, this one is hereditary. This means that your children will also be part of the royal family, so you don’t want to have a bad royal family…

Without spoiling too much of the fun, what will make this job special is the fact that you’ll often need to make some decisions that will affect the whole village!

As you can imagine, there are other parts of the castle that we haven’t discussed yet, but that’s something we’re currenrly working on!

The worldmap

Manon has been reworking the worldmap so it can hold all those new buildings and the castle. She has completely revamped the starting environment so the forest gradually disappears as the players makes new buildings! We wanted the expansion of the village to look “natural”, so it can end up being a big and cool looking kingdom!

The Traits

In Lakeburg Legacies, the villagers are defined by their different traits. Some will be hereditary, and others will be acquired during their life, depending on the events they will be going through, the evolution of the village or even if they have good access to the resources they need. Our creative director (Matt) and Chloé, our game designer, have been working on that list… There are more than 100 for the moment, and we’re not finished yet! ^^ Thanks to that system, each villager is unique.

The Events

As we stated several times when talking about the game, events are a VERY important part of the game… To put it simply, we love drama x)

What’s very cool about our ingame system is that a lot of situations can lead to drama and many events… Thieves, unhappy weddings, an attempt at seducing with a musical instrument… And many others!

Chloé has been having a lot of fun designing those events, and trust us, you will want to keep an eye on them.

Simon, our lead programmer, made sure that according to the choices you’ll make, the villagers will be able to gain new traits that will influence their stats, their job and the relationships they have with one another.

Tell us YOUR story!

So yeah, the events. What is funny about the game is that some of the events are actually inspired by our very own lives… Trust us, you don’t want to know which ones are real and which ones are not T.T
Joke aside, it’s been really fun to tell each other our funny stories and anecdotes x)
This is why today, we are giving YOU the opportunity to tell YOUR story! Although we can’t promise we will use every one of your stories in the game, maybe some of them will, in some way!

Here are some of the examples that we’d love to read:

– Great/Bad/Original Dates
Or even anecdotes about your current or ex partner!

We’ll be more than happy to read your stories, just try to keep them relatively short (i.e. not 5 pages x))

To send us your stories, you can do it:

– Here, in the comments section

On our Discord channel in the “lakeburg-legacies-events” room!

We can’t wait to read your stories! (Also, please keep it NSFW-free :))

Aaaand that’s all for today, dear rulers-to-be! From now on, we’ll try to write more regular updates about the development of the game!

Take care! <3