Ishtar Games is a French indie studio based in Lille and Bordeaux (France). Formerly known as “CCCP”, we have been creating games since 2005. Our serious-game studio is located in Bordeaux while we, indie creators, are based in Lille!

At Ishtar Games, we are committed to celebrating diversity, whether it’s within our teams or the games we develop. We respect equal employment opportunities, as well as non-discriminatory treatment of applications. We welcome everyone – without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, religion, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, family status or any other characteristic protected by laws – and believe diversity is the greatest of strength. Joining Ishtar Games means working with video games enthusiasts, in a caring and human-sized team. Every day, we build and sustain together a safe environment for everyone. Come and join us!


They were there at the Great Beginning. They nurtured the Seed and witnessed it grow deep.

Matthieu Richez

CEO / Creative Director

Architect of the Grand Design, Hidden Ultimate Boss

Frédéric Forest

Commercial Director

Master of Coin, High-Priest of the Divine Invoicing

Christophe Gey

Senior Game Designer

Archmaster of Words, Keeper of the Seven Keys of Design


Their fight against the forces of Bad UX is well known through the land. Their search for the Perfect Design is unending.

Thomas Pattou

Game Designer

Dwarven Warrior-Priest of Design, former Code Guru

Jacques Dedeken

Lead Artist

Archbishop of Good Taste, Master of Paint

Manon Bertin

Senior Artist

Colors Fairy, wielder of the Holy Brush Sword

Bruno Laverny

Marketing Director

Guildmaster of Sales, possessed by the Market Demon

Benjamin Coquelle

Producer / Game Designer

Multiclassed Design Barbarian ~ Planning Assassin

Simon Hembert


Ranger of the Forest of Lost Bugs

Julie Kabbache


Priestess of the Moon, reads future in pixels sacrifices

Adrien Feugère


Half Bear, Half Giant Pixel Warrior

Anthony Dubois


Paladin of Unity, Cookie Baker

Robin Six


Code Necromancer, aspiring Pixel Mage

Maxence Delacroix


Patch Maker, Wielder of Git

Eloïse Beuvant

Communication and HR Manager

Tweet Witch, Brewer of Vacation Days

Morgane Lainard

Senior Game Designer

UX Berserker, Design Scald

Jordy Embun


Master of Disguises, Planning Thief

Frédéric Durey

Senior Programmer

Coder Healer, blessed by the Binary Gods

Nicolas Mutel

Senior Programmer

Father of Demons, Summoner of the Dark API

Jacinthe Julie-Suzanne

Senior Artist

Mistress of Earth, Wind and Photoshop

Gabriel Charry


Wielder of the C# Hammer, Destroyer of Bugs

Ambrune Martin

Junior Narrative Designer

Wandering bard, Crafter of Words & Worlds

Chloé Belouin

Junior Game Designer

Captain of the Design Cavalry, Half-Giant half-fairy


Current and former heroes in the making, coming from far and wide to learn from the Old Ones. We are proud to have been part of their Journey.

  • Matthieu Heras
  • Justine Verhelst
  • Robin Six
  • Rackover
  • Yuna Colloc
  • Chiara Birchen
  • Ingrid Desmidt
  • Laurane Cohen
  • Juliette Scherpereel
  • Sharon Anquetil
  • Benjamin Coquelle
  • Valentine Ferrandin
  • Bruno Laverny
  • Delphine Verfaillie
  • Tristan Camus
  • Manon Boderé
  • Thomas Bourdon
  • Alex Bolle
  • Claire Konieczka
  • Florine Dorlencourt
  • Thibault Annaert
  • Noa Claisse
  • Clément Caminal
  • Steven Cruz
  • Julien Lesieur
  • Hugo Guerin
  • Manon Grabette
  • Boris Moncel
  • Florence Mc Donagh
  • Angélique Dujarrier
  • Guillaume Nasi
  • Karl Lalonnier
  • Adeline Davoine
  • Lucille Alleyson
  • Patrick Mary
  • Manon Bertin
  • Adrien Vennet
  • Patricia Lo
  • Nicolas Vallin
  • Ikram Messaoudi 
  • Wei Jirong
  • Nadia Baldachinno
  • Morgane Lainard
  • Armel Jestin
  • Florent Renuit
  • Mathias Theys
  • Thomas Van Lissum
  • Maxence Voleau