After 16 years developing our own games, we’re taking an exciting new step by using all of our acquired experience to help other indie developers publish their games. Since 2021, we’ve also been working as the “Indie publishing branch” of Nacon.


What we have to offer is a global package: We won’t only take care of the funding and the marketing of your game, as we will also take the extra mile and bring our expertise in terms of game design and project management to the table, to ensure that your game will have the same high production value as one of our own.

As developers ourselves, we know that publishing a game can be scary, especially as an indie developer with limited budget. This is why one of our key values as publishers is to be 100% transparent with the studios, and each choice about the game will be discussed and validated with the studio.


We won’t aim at an extended portfolio of dozens of games coming out every year. Our goal is to hand pick a few games that we believe in, and publish them as if they were our own. We will work tirelessly to make sure they get the success and exposition they deserve.

Editorial Choices

Games that belong in our fields of expertise

We have a deep expertise in the genres we’ve been making as a studio, which is why we’ve decided to focus on games that contain at least one component of our DNA: Management, RPG, Strategy, Survival, Adventure, Roguelites… We love games with deep gameplay, and/or an unexpected mix of genres!

Strong art direction

We can be huge fans of the most grim atmosphere, but we also love very colorful art direction. Because we believe that art has such a huge role in immersing players in the game, what matters to us is that in one glimpse at a screenshot, anyone should be able to know what kind of game that is.

High production value

At Ishtar Games, we put a strong focus on providing players with games that are bug-free, with responsive controls and UI, and clear feedback. This is something that we’ll work on with the developers to make sure the released product respects this value.

Ethical values

Finally, we want our values to also be expressed through our published games, in particular through representations.


Lakeburg Legacies

Available on PC

Lakeburg Legacies artwork, published by Ishtar Games. Family on the left with a village on the right. Two boys are looking at each other. Logo of the game in the bottom right corner.

Take fate into your own hands in Lakeburg Legacies, a social-based village management sim where love is your favourite resource. Play matchmaker to create the most effective, and most loved up, couples and help your kingdom thrive. How long will it take you to crown a sovereign?

Spirited Thief

Available on PC

Spirited Thief artwork, published by Ishtar Games. Logo on the left. A thief and a spirit are stealing a treasure and a guard is visible in the background.

Scout, loot, and get out in Spirited Thief, a tactical turn-based stealth game with a twist. Search ahead as spirit, Trin, and grab the goods as thief, Elaj. Just make sure you have the loot before the guards come looking!

Worlds of Aria

Coming Early 2024 on PC and Nintendo Switch

Artwork of Worlds of Aria, published by Ishtar Games. A group of adventurers are at the forefront. Behind them, the gates of a fortified city are visible. Logo of the game is on top of them.

Lead your own adventuring party on an epic exploit inspired by tabletop role-playing games. Invite your friends to the group with the Buddy Pass, or strike out on your own. Collaboration, betrayal, and the luck of the dice…what wild escapades will you and your companions embark on?

Forgotten Mines

Coming Early 2024 on PC

Forgotten Mines artwork, published by Ishtar Games. Gobelins on the left in a cave, with two warriors on the right: a dwarf and an elf. Logo of the game is visible in the shadow of the cave.

A captivating tactical RPG with roguelite elements. Reclaim lost mines from goblins, orcs, skeletons & demons. Master procedural challenges with cunning strategy. Customize your heroes with diverse classes & gear. Embrace nostalgic graphics. Triumph in this epic and challenging quest!


Why work with us ?

  • We’ve been developers for nearly 20 years, and we will bring our experience and expertise to help you with your development
  • Benefit from the infrastructure and experience of Nacon
  • Extensive knowledge of the indie market, especially with RPGs, Management/Strategy games…
  • Since we’ll handpick only a few games every year, each game will benefit from a special care from us
  • We’ll be totally transparent on our actions, during the whole development of the game
  • You’ll be working with a publisher with ethical values (diversity, focus on work-life balance…)
  • We put an important focus on releasing games with high production value
  • The well-being of your team is our priority


  • Development funding (up to 50% of the total budget)
  • Assistance in applications for fund seeking (regional/national/european funds)
  • Marketing budget


  • Game Design/Code assistance
  • QA Support
  • Localization to the languages that would be a good fit for your games


  • Market research
  • Marketing plan
  • PR support + Content creator
  • Social media and community management
  • Events
  • Sales
  • Access to tracking and data tools


  • PC Platforms (Steam, GoG, Epic)
  • Console (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo)
  • Relationship with the platform holders

Want us to publish your game?

Click on the big button!

A few tips to apply:

  • Insert a short description of the pitch of your game directly in the email
  • Mandatory: please include a pitch deck for your project. If you don’t know what it is, please look here
  • If you have a working demo of your game, don’t hesitate to include it as well. But in any case, it’s always a good idea to include a short footage of you playing the demo
  • Any trailer, steam page, etc… is always good to have!

The publishing team will get back to you as soon as possible to see the next steps.