Matthieu Heras


Gallant Swordmaster of Code, Elven Prince of Noldor Ascent

Emma Boudet

Junior Game Artist

Dark Monk of Photoshop, School of the Seven Cats

Chloé Belouin

Game Designer

Captain of the Design Cavalry, Half-Giant half-fairy

Ambrune Martin

Narrative Designer

Wandering bard, Crafter of Words & Worlds

Gabriel Charry

Senior Programmer

Wielder of the C# Hammer, Destroyer of Bugs

Jacinthe Julie-Suzanne

Senior Artist

Mistress of Earth, Wind and Photoshop

Nicolas Mutel

Senior Programmer

Father of Demons, Summoner of the Dark API

Frédéric Durey

Senior Programmer

Coder Healer, blessed by the Binary Gods

Morgane Lainard

Senior Game Designer

UX Berserker, Design Scald

Jordy Embun

Senior Producer

Master of Disguises, Planning Thief